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Participant №5 – ( iEarn-project “my name aroud the world”) – Mariya

My name around the world

Hello, my name is Mariya. I am from Belarus, Minsk, Gymnasium №35.

I am 8 years old. My parents gave me my name.

The Hebrew origin of my name means «bitter», «desirable», «serene».

Mary is the most common name in the world.

It was the name of the mother of Jesus. My great-grandmother was Mariya too.

There are different variants of name Mariya in different countries: Mariya, Marusia, Marie, Mary, Mariam, Marika, Marietta and others.

The famous people with my name are:

  • Mariya Sharapova is a Russian tennis player
  • Mariya Medichi is a Queen of France
  • Marlen Ditrikh (Mariya Magdalena Ditrikh) is a German and American singer and actress
  • Mariya Stjuart is a Queen of Scots
  • Mary Poppins is a fairytale heroine
  • Mariya Mironova is a Soviet Russian actress
  • Mariya Bieshu is a Moldavian Soviet opera singer.

Here is what my name means:

M – musical

A – active

R – rapid

I – intelligent

Y – youthful

A – attentive


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Participant № 6 – ( iEarn-project “my name aroud the world”) – Darina

Hello. I’m from Minsk, Belarus.

I study at Gymnasium № 35.

My name is Darina.

My name means “a gift” in my native language.

My parents called me Darina because I’m ”a gift” for my parents.

My mum named me “Darina”.

I’m the first in my family who has such a name.

There are three  famous persons with my name:

Darina Shmidt was born in 1983. She is a painter, animator, film director and  script writer. She worked at the cartoon “Luntik”.

Darina Ushkevich was born in 2004. She’s an actress and filmed in “Real Dad”.

Darina Kochanzhi is a composer and a singer of Christian songs.

Unofficial versions of my name are Darisha, Dusya and Darya.

My name’s DARINA:

D – dreamy

A – amazing

R – romantic

I – industrious

N – natty

A – adorable

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Participant №4 – Matvey. ( iEarn-project “my name aroud the world”)

DSC09174 DSC09175       My name is Matvey.

My name is Matvey.

I like my name.

And now I want tell  you about my name. I will tell about each letter in my name.

Name Matvey is a Belarusian boy’s name. In Russia it means “God`s gift”.

I love football very much. I play football and I’m going to speak about my name and names of famous football players.

So, lets start.

The first letter in my name is letter M.

Surname of the famous football player Messi begins from this letter. Leonel Messi is my favorite football player. He plays in Barcelona football club. I want to play as Messi. And I hope I will play as Messi.

The second letter in my name is letter A.

It’s the first letter of another famous football player’s surname Alves. Dani Alves like Messi plays in my favorite football club Barcelona.

Letter T is the third letter in my name.

Surname of the other famous football player Torres begins from this letter. Fernando Torres is an  excellent football player. His football club is Atletico, Madrid.

The fourth letter in my name is V.

Surname of the famous football player Villia begins with this letter. David Villia is a perfect football player. He plays in great football club Barcelona too.

Letter E is the fifth letter in my name.

This letter starts the surname of one of the famous world football players – Eusebio. Sacristan Eusebio is the great Portugal football player.

Letter Y is the last letter in my name.

Surname of the famous Soviet Union football goalkeeper Lev Yashin starts from this letter.

I like my name and I like to play football very much. Thank you for your attention.

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One day in Gomel

Now some words about Gomel, another cultural place in Belarus.
The most popular place is Gomel Palace & Park Ensemble. It is an old large noble estate decorated by the park and located on the picturesque bank of the Sozh River. This is one of the historical-cultural values of the Republic of Belarus. The Gomel Palace & Park Ensemble has been a state museum for 90 years; it has numerous collections, which are interesting both to amateurs and professionals. Rich historical heritage of this place, beautiful views of the Sozh River can’t leave you indifferent.

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Life is going on and summer has finished. Everyone has his own summer story.
It was unique and unforgettable time.
Have you realized any summer ideas?
Do you remember all of your feelings?
Did you celebrate any holidays and other important dates?
Did you stay at any summer camp?
Any teacher also can answer all these questions.
And my answers are: yes, I have; yes, I do; yes, I did; yes, I did.
And what about you? Your responses may be different but I hope most of them are affirmative: yes, I have; yes, I do; yes, I did; yes, I did.))
Well, I’d like to remember the most interesting events and trips.
And propose you to do the same.
This summer vacation was spent in Belarus. You know, there are lots of places to visit in our country. And the distance isn’t a reason at all to avoid the travelling.
You’ve got: a strong desire and good friends to travel with or to travel to;
some money; expectations to find out something new, interesting and useful.
One of the places to visit is annual International Festival of Arts in Vitebsk “Slaviansky Bazaar”. If you haven’t been there yet you should visit this beautiful town during this festival. Choose any concert you like and go next year. This north capital of art meets you with beautiful views of town in sun and rain, with unique atmosphere of big Slavic holiday, with folk art fair and of course with different music you can hear from many concert halls at this particular time.